In Belgium practically every day at the end of the news they show some artists’impressions or security camera shots of suspects and ask the public help to find them. As most of those images would not be recognized by the suspects’ own mother I don’t know why they keep doing it.
I think there is enough news in the world or they maybe could replace this with some good news item. Or celebrate some people who have done something good for the world.
It never ceases to amaze me how people are conned into giving out their bank details so people can take all their money. For example the Microsoft engineer scam where they tell some old dear that there is a problem with their software and that they will sort it if a sum of money can be handed over, please give me your card details and pin. I mean I can understand all these zillions of people using it equipment without having the foggiest about how it works, but every bank should have in large letters printed on the bank cards:NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PIN!!! Just like they tell people that when you smoke cigarettes you die a horrible death. The poor tobacco companies are now even being sued by hospitals and cancer institutions for giving them too much work, or no sorry for making cigarettes more damaging than in the olden days? Here is me thinking that everybody in this day and age knows about the risks of smoking so why blame the enabler? Do Alcoholics blame the drink companies? Or do we see pictures of damaged livers and car crashes on the bottles of liquor? No because their lobby must be very powerful. And I am not even starting on the use of petrol instead of electricity for cars and other transport. Or selling guns to people . It would be funny if the end results were not so painful.

Scientist in China have successfully cloned 2 sweet little monkeys, who look very unhappy without a mummy. They apparently cloning other animals as well, but this is supposed to be the first step to cloning humans. The current population of China is 1,412,782,694 as of Friday, February 2, 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Do they really need more Chinese? I get the feeling that the situation as described in the movie “The Island” or in the wonderful book “Never let me go” by Kazuo Ishiguro is coming closer and closer. Why else would we need more people on this earth which is straining at the seams as it is?
I can say now that I have lived for quite a long time that science fiction from the past is now becoming or already is actual science today. It first started when I read “The Demon Princes “by Jack Vance , one of my most favorite writers. In those books he already talked about credit cards that magically transport money from one person to another. I could not believe that would ever come about.
Or being operated on by a robot, which is now possible but has been part of science fiction for a long time. Social media, mobile phones, tablets and the next step according to fiction implants of all sorts to make communicating with devices and each other easier. But better? There is still a lot of war going on on our planet. Globalization has alas not led to global peace. 




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