Returned from the Women’s Fiction Festival in Matera, Italy.
It is a meeting for female writers who want to get information about writing and publishing their books. A better name would be WFF, Women Writers Festival as the name suggest solely women writing for women. Which does not have to be the case. Especially as there was a lot ogf grumbling on the Italian and German side of not being taken seriously as a writer. At least as far as I understood the rather long winded discussions, which through the help of the marvelous translators was made a lot easier. I don’t know how they do it. 
All n all I had a great time, got a lot of inspiration from the professionals and colleague writers. One of the last of these to speak was a Canadian-Japanese writer who had just been published and admitted that it took her 7 years to complete her book. It made my 3 years pale in comparison and gave me the courage to finish it even if it would take another half year or so.
My next trip to Matera has already been booked as they are planning to do a proper workshop for Independent writers, which I definitely would like to attend. Besides Matera is worth a visit even if you do not have a good reason to go.

My son Gerald has designed a new template for my website which has gone into production today.
It looks very good and will showcase my book much better when i publish it there. It has the potential to flip the pages of the book and I can add sound to the stories as well.
I am very grateful and excited. I always knew that letting him spend (too) much time on his computer would pay off in the end. 
He will soon set off to Asia Pacific and Australia with one of his former school friends following in his mothers’ footsteps.
Not that I went to that part of the world. In my time that would be too expensive. No, I went to the United States with a friend, We started in Maine where I bought an Oldsmobile Vista cruiser, big old tank, from a Millionaire guy, who had used it for hunting! I paid 500 dollars for it and it was going to function as place to sleep as well as transport
After 6 weeks of tracking to Florida and back, we sold it again in New York. 
Just like me my son has quit his job and apartment and is ready for Adventure. I hope he will learn a lot and stay safe of course. 

So no more procrastinating. I have done my 4 pages today. I have calculated that that should be my aim to be able to have time to review and have it edited before the summer. 





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