Updated my Kindle purchases list and saw I have bought 103 books since half of November 2017.That is nearly 1.6 books per week. No wonder my writing is going at a snail’s pace.

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Today there was a news item about a robbery of the safety boxes of a bank in Antwerp. They had dug two tunnels from the sewage tunnel to the banks safety deposit room and got away with the contents of a ton of boxes. And now comes the unbelievable part. The police does not know how much was stolen as the content of the boxes is secret. Even the bank does not know what is in them. Looking at the trouble I got from the tax people I now know what to do. Just put my savings in cash or valuables in one of those boxes and I will never be bothered again. Interest rates are practically zero so there is absolutely no reason not to.

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On the television a spokes woman of the bank said that the contents were insured up to a certain value, but how can you insure something you don’t know the value of? I hope that they are never caught and will enjoy the probably illegal anyway fortunes they found. That digging paid off nicely for them.

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Lately a lot of marches are being held to show governments that they have to step up their measures to keep our world habitable. Will it help? Maybe because there are some elections coming. It is heartwarming to see the youth really trying to have some influence.
Yesterday one of the ministers for climate (there are more than one in Belgium- don’t ask) had the gall to say that these marches were tools of the opposition! 75.000 secondary school pupils and university students marching for a better world and this was the answer. They are all in the pocket of the big industries who do NOTHING to reduce their CO2 emissions. Meat is still eaten by most people in the western world. Imagine when they put a tax as high as for tobacco or alcohol on meat and use that tax to educate people to eat more veggie stuff and fish. Even chicken is better. After the lethargy of the former generation it was good to see young people on the barricades again.

Why do men, unless they have been in the army, find it impossible to make a bed properly? Or do I set my standard too high? I was raised by a full time Dutch house wife.
This weekend my eldest son came home for a day or two and he sort of did his best with the bed, but apparently he went to the same bed-making school as his father. So I have to conclude it is connected to the Y-chromosome.

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