Not many days left of this eventful year. To my relief, I have no appointments until Christmas besides 2 more sessions with my now 10-year-olds. They had excellent reports, which was a relief.
Doing the year over has been the right choice of their class teacher, a lovely young man.
Though he sometimes seems to struggle with the pre-teen moods of the ladies.
The usual age of his pupils is 8 or 9.
In the holidays they will visit for as they call it ‘just fun’.
With all the cinemas, museums or whatever closed, it will be a bit more of an effort to keep them occupied.
Some junk food and a dose of Tiktok will go a long way. They like to play cards too.

What really pleased me last time, was the fact that one of the girls, who is terrified of dogs, was brave enough to let me take a photo with her, her friend, who has two dogs at home, and Bonita.
She now will pat her and look very proud. So sweet.
It helps that Bonita is about the calmest dog I’ve ever known.

I am a bit stuck on writing the last missing chapter of my book.
After finishing the second editing round, I put the whole thing on my Kindle and found strange sounding English on the first page!!! Will this editing ever be done?
I see my Grammarly app is telling me I’m worried. I sure am. I am really not sure if it will ever be good enough to be read outside these four walls.
I am happy with the story in many parts, but here and there the English sound clunky.

The other problem is the fact that around this time, when people start to live more indoors, great new books and series come out.
Now I have bought the whole bundle of Myst, 8 games, which have been reworked for Windows 10. I am dying to try them again, but am afraid I will be hooked.
I made myself the promise to finish my book this year, but never thought a Pandemic would hold me up. One would think, lockdowns, so more time to stay indoors and do the work, but somehow my mind seeks distraction in many other ways.
My husband keeps telling me not to feel guilty as I am retired and actually have no real deadlines.
My fear is sometimes, I will not live to see the finish and it is on my bucket list to finish my 2 books and have them published any which way.
Have tentatively started my Memoirs too. Somehow easier as it is just a memory dump and actually clears my head.

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To keep me even more from the real work, I have built myself a new desktop pc, with the great support of my youngest son. He was very patient with his mum who kept calling him to ask what that silver thingy was for and why there were so many cables, she had no clue where to attach.
But I ended up with a super-fast system. Especially after I hooked it up to the new network, I laid.
I am still nerdy enough for my age to really enjoy working with it.
My old faithful laptop would have been 7 years old this January and was starting to make funny sounds when I worked it too hard.
Still will keep it as the screen is still amazingly sharp. Good for watching Netflix and Amazon Prime, when I can’t be bothered with the Chromecast option.

One hour ago I rigged up some good speakers and had embarrassing fun, dancing to my old favourites from the ’70s.
I even tried to film it. Think I need some lessons from my two young ones as they have a little dance for me every week. They might not remember their times’ tables, but they do know all the words to the latest hip song.

As I have still some letters and the elusive missing chapter to write and my new games to play, this will be the last blog of an interesting year.
2021 will have its own challenges no doubt.
But at my age I say: As long as there is life, there is hope.
I wish everyone a good one.

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