Started to write a new category called Snippets as part of my Memories  1968 SC. Sometimes I suddenly remember little anecdotes of my childhood that I would like to share with my offspring, but when I don’t write them down I forget. Snippet 1 is about the way our parents brought us up which was quite strict but at the same time with loving neglect. We roamed the knoekoe, a sort of Caribbean bush whose wildlife consisted of goats and every variety of lizard, like a bunch of wildlings with no adult supervision. On the other hand there were strict bedtime rules and how to address adults and other officials.For  my mother, who suffered greatly from the heat and was homesick for the Netherlands, the carpet beater was the chosen instrument of instilling some sort of order . She ,especially when woken up by us from her siesta, would be calling us in to receive a few good wallops, so we always sent our little brother first, as he was her favorite and would not be hit so hard. And while she was giving him a few ,probably soft,whacks we would scoot in and hide in our bedroom. In case you feel sorry for me and my brothers, I have to admit we were trouble in triplicate. But more about that in the next snippet.

Recently there was another Twilight zone episode on the Belgium news. They apparently have found the way to reduce road accidents caused by people not keeping their distance in their cars.
No electronic gadgets in the car or more police intervention. The solution to the problem is advising the drivers to sing the first lines of the song: Last night the DJ saved my Life!!!! As this should take exactly 2 seconds which is the time you need to keep a safe distance between cars. In order to help us to do this they have written the lyrics on the road on the two main highways. 
It won’t get any crazier than this.

The Winter Olympics have started in South Korea.It is weird but I have the feeling there is hardly any enthusiasm for it anymore. Only sponsors,top athletes and politicians are really interested. In my day it was the main event if when it happened in the year. The same can be said for the summer games, though those get a bit more attention from the crowds. On demand television has something to do with it and being able to organize any sport event on your gaming console. The latest Game of Thrones episode gets more viewers.

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