I opened my website to explain to people I would be too busy with my book to write much in the way of a blog, assuming I was mainly talking to myself. But on opening my admin page I saw this:

It came as a total surprise to me that there were any people out there at least opening my blog. I am not sure if they read it, though I had some responses about it in Twitter.
This gave me the courage to continue.
It might still be erratic, but as I don’t do subscriptions, no one will be too bothered by that.
I am probably the only site too who does not ask you to agree to some rules or tells you what I will do with your info, as I don’t keep any.
Is this still legal? I don’t know. Maybe one day the troops will arrive and I will go to prison for not warning my public for the same thing they can read on every other website they open.
Will probably boost my site big time!
Having worked all my life with medical information worldwide, I know how to keep everyone’s privacy sacred, so don’t you worry.

We are already on the 12th day of January and the month seems to have just started.
The habit of most employers and others to pay the December salaries before Christmas, the expensive Christmas month and all those Sales in January makes this probably the longest month of the year.
And this year we have the leap year February to cope with as well.
It should be a free day for everyone as you are not getting paid extra in most jobs. Or am I wrong?
This is my 29th Leap year, if you are interested in guessing my age.

The year has not brought too much joy all around the world.
Against all the denial of big businesses and governments Climate change is really starting to be brought to our attention.
Australia is burning and will do so for a few weeks to come.
A staggering 1 Billion (1000.000.000!!) animals did not survive the holocaust and more will follow as the season has just started and the fires seem unstoppable. The images of burned Koalas are used as an example, but think of all those useful insects, reptiles and plants and such, who will be a great missing link in the food chain of tomorrow.
Australia in many places resembles a post-apocalyptic landscape.
My book is about a time when people can look back at this age and wonder about the stupidity and greediness of our world leaders in the face of this disaster.

If it is not great floods and earthquakes appearing more and more often with greater force, then it is the weather in the rest of the world going crazy.
Where there hasn’t been snow for ages, people are experiencing this without the resources colder countries have, while the latter never have seen temperatures as high in January.
People who read this now know all this from the News and other media, but I am writing this for future readers.
There was some hope when all the youth were protesting for the governments to do something. All dashed by the super weak response at the World Climate Conference 2019.
Everyone is going to be discussing it, but no one is doing something beside telling the populace to spend thousands of pounds, euro’s or dollars o make their houses more environmentally friendly while they go on deducting tax for big industry, allowing them to have ever larger carbon footprints.
Never have people flown more while train travel has become ever more expensive, the little that was left after a lot of infrastructure was ripped away in the ’60s.
Electric cars are double the price of diesel/petrol ones, while they use less material to build them.
We are paying for the development costs without apparently any subsidy from the governments to get these in place as soon as possible.
All tax deductions to do with using energy saving systems in the home have been withdrawn.
I better stop as I am too disgusted with it all.
I am at an age where I could think:”Well it will all be after my time, but I have children as do a lot of other people and I would like them to see the beauty of this planet as I could in my day.
Because it is the most beautiful planet in our Solar system.

On a happier note. The last few weeks there have been some awesome series to watch and books to read.
I buy a lot of books on recommendation of my Twitter friends. Some I don’t finish because I have found a new one that looks even better or-rarely- I don’t like them very much.
“The Witcher” was good, though not as good as the books.
There was a bit too much showing Gerald sitting in baths or looking grumpy. The books have a bit of an old fashioned Fantasy flavour to them.
I don’t read many of those now as they seem to be a bit repetitive.
Science Fiction, probably because of the scope, still is my favourite read.
The Expanse, which has been going for a while(8 books) and its marvellous Netflix series, so rich in politics, emotions of the characters and tension, must be my favourite since I read all of Jack Vance’s books.
The two guys writing it must really work well together.
I can’t imagine writing with anybody else.
My reading is always sprinkled with Detectives or Psychological thrillers.
It has been a hard slog finding good ones lately but I am now reading some of M.W.Craven, who had success with two of his later books and now will probably have it too again two his previous ones. Buy the Puppet show, it seems to be on offer.

So life is not all bad.
My own story is going forward at a slow but sure pace. I am better with writing a lot at one time , when I am in the flow, than every day a bit.
Scrivener is showing me a lovely green for the Project target.
Right even though the world has it moments, we barely escaped WW3, because of that mad man in the White House, I say bring on Spring.
Be good to people around you and the ripples will reach far.

Last week it was the 7th anniversary of my eldest brother Gerard’s demise.
Still something that causes me great sadness.
This is the Obituary I wrote (quite a few errors in it as I was in a state, but will leave them to remind myself)

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