Just recently I was once more confronted with the tyranny of Social Media. I was added to a Whats-app group to make it easier for the organizer of a reunion to give the participants some extra information and exchange some photo’s of the event. As soon as this was done I saw a flurry of messages of people turning this group into a sort of little club consisting of a lot of people I will very unlikely meet until another reunion or so.  As I usually do I unsubscribed myself from this group not being interested in these exchanges. Well apparently that is seen as anti social.
I found this article which exactly describes my thoughts about the tyranny of Social media.
Often I am out with friends and suddenly they all are looking at their mobile. Apparently the messages there are far more important than your company. The funny thing is they always apologize that it was impossible not to answer that message, call or mail.
I am probably an old fuddy duddy, thinking why do they go and meet up with a real person at all? Maybe they should just stay at home social media-ing away and not bother.
How did we survive in the olden days, as my sons like to call it? When we met up with friends or shared a meal with them we had no excuse not to give them our full attention. With very good friends we even now and then had pauses in the conversation that we could not fill up with staring at a screen to check if we could have a chat or something going with another person.
So how did we solve this? Well you just looked around you, thought of other subjects you had not talked about yet and then calmly resumed the conversation. But then as we did not have constant contact with each other every minute of the day we actually had a lot to catch up with and entertain each other with.

So that was my grumpy old women feature of the day.
I have started to use Dragon Speech to write on my book and it makes all the difference. Even though at 12 I did a typing certificate at school I am crap at it. Most young people now a days, and my dear husband, type as if it is their life’s calling.
I have trained a lot of customers on this software in my working days, but never ever thought to use my own which I bought quite a while ago.
English is not my mother tongue-as you may have guessed- but the software still recognizes 98 % of my input. Often I don’t even bother too much with punctuation except for full stops as I still have to edit whatever I write first time to death afterwards anyway. Then I use my two, three? fingers as it gives me time to think how to improve on the story. Definitely recommended for fellow hopeless typists

Today is our 32nd wedding anniversary, which meant we both forgot all about it until I looked at my agenda in Google and could make my husband feel guilty about not remembering it let alone organize something.
One day I will tell you in one of my memory snippets why no one could have guessed I would finally become a proper house wife and find a partner for life. I have to wait to see if I outlive him.

As we¬† were talking about Social media….

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