Strange to live in a time when I prefer the president of a communist totalitarian state to the president of a so called free world. I was raised a Socialist by my father who also believed strongly that religion is poison for the people and that Communism will not work if it is dependant on humans. The latter has been fully proven by the Russian oligarchs and the Chinese millionaires both from countries that know abject poverty. Still the way president Trump is filling his, his friends’ and his family’s pockets with the approval of more than half the population of the United States is a wonder to behold. And that majority is not actually the educated, middle class majority.

The main reason I think is the power of social media. I think if Hitler would have had access to Twitter we would all be speaking German today. The way the European Union is going we might as well with French as our second language. Heard yesterday that instead of getting rid of the 73 UK seats with all the costs they want to redistribute them over the other countries!! We all are being told by our leaders we have to tighten our belts to help the economy along but this does not count for them apparently. Starting to lean towards Bexit or Nexit. Living and working in 2 Euro countries I have personally experienced that being part of the EU does not bring less paperwork when it comes to taxes, banking or Social services. Try and bring a car from the Netherlands to Belgium. You will find it takes more forms to fill and money to pay than to export it to Australia. I happen to get pensions from 4 different EU countries. You would think there was a way the country you live in and pay taxes in would be collecting them and paying them out to you in one pension. No instead of that you have to deal with all 4 on a yearly basis proving that you are still alive and them not accepting the local council declaration but sending you their special little form to take to the local council. Example of non European Union: Thd Netherlands pay you a state pension for the years you simply lived there. The Belgiums only for the years you worked in Belgium. The Brits for the years you worked there but amazingly and beautifully also for the years a woman has received child pay. And don’t let me get started on taxes.

But on a happier note the US space program is getting funded again, there seems to be a way to clean our oceans, good books are still being written and it is getting lighter at the end of the day as we are moving towards Spring.

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