Writing blogs while editing is hard. Especially since the world is still going on about Covid, forgetting to report on wars, refugees, climate warnings.
When I look at the Worldometer, we have now 41 plus million known infected. The state the world is in, we can probably multiply that with 10.
About 1.1 million known deaths. Probably not all of the disease, but then 47 plus millions more have died of hunger or other-related illnesses and that counter keeps rushing up.
If you were an Alien from another planet, sent here to sort us out, you would shake your head, as the human population is still growing at an alarming rate and other species as a result dying at an even higher rate.

The world can't handle the rising population. Overpopulation cartoon. |  Human overpopulation, World population, Poster drawing

Every time I watch the, as I now call them, State news channels, I get incredibly annoyed at the misinformation, the preference given to sensationalism instead of education.
Every country seems to be infected by this dangerous virus which most people either not notice or ignore.
When was the last time I heard an interviewer asking the really investigative questions?
People with different opinions than they broadcast are hardly ever given the time of day. If they do, it is to ridicule.
The dumbing-down of the populace, which started quite a while ago with a plethora of Dancing, Cooking, Gardening and Dating shows evolving in whole seasons of watching girls select a wedding dress, following polygamous families or people who are so overweight it has become like the fat lady on the fair in the olden day.
What is wrong with people who seem to watch these mind-numbingly dumb programs instead of doing something useful?
There are so many volunteer possibilities. Just think of all the crisps and biscuits, you won’t be eating when you get your backside of that couch?
More millions are spent to fight obesity and illnesses related to it than to feed the unfortunate.
Alien: What is wrong with these humans?

A good thing that has recently happened is that I can continue helping the two nine-year-old girls, with their homework and strengthening their self-confidence.
They are two delightfully energetic little persons. After every lesson, I come away with a smile on my face and strangely feeling revived.
Having raised two people of the male persuasion, dealing with ladies can sometimes still surprise me.
All these emotional outbursts about the smallest of things. Boys just give it a kick and are done with it.
They both love to be ‘the teacher’. I use that to let them learn by teaching each other.
I hope seriously the schools this time will stay open, as the closures last spring had the result of them having to do the year over.
Luckily they both don’t seem to be too bothered by it.
As of this week, to their great delight, they will start coming to our home, for their lessons. They have this idea, it will be all Barbies and games like when they visit me in the school holidays. They will soon find out.
The infection rates being what they are, it will be safer for the three of us to do it this way.
But all in all, they work hard. Especially knowing the last 20 minutes will be fun and (card)games.

Am trying to stay away from Twitter, which had become quite an addiction. Luckily the constant barrage of inane questions and people showing how beautiful they are or peddling something has made it much easier. I don’t mind the odd, funny one, but some accounts do nothing else.
Editing this second round before I send my book to a professional editor, is much more pleasant. To my surprise, I still change quite a lot. But now it’s more wording, than plot holes. Still trying to reduce the volume, but to no avail. It stays around 130.000 words, divided into 61 chapters, and an Epilogue. One chapter, I still have to fix, will probably add another 2000 words, as it is an explanation of some of the world I built.
I have pages of cut scenes and paragraphs. I hope to use these in the 2000 words chapter mentioned above.
I’m still rewarding and inspiring myself by making images about my story with my favourite tool Inkarnate.
Please have a look at my maps to see what I mean.
My last treat was playing with their Steampunk stamps.

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