I have been buying and reading Game of thrones since 1991 and I think they come under the books you want so badly you will buy them in expensive Hardback instead of waiting for the digital or paperback to come out. It is a bit of a bummer that he has waited so long to finish his 7 part trilogy that you could have made up the end by yourself now.
Now his latest book Fire and Blood about the origins of the Targaryen family is out and I have started to read it. Let me tell you it is not a fantasy story but a companion book to the series. If like me you have read them all a few times yo already know most of it as it was mentioned somewhere in the books of the series. I have put it aside without reading it further. Might go back to it once the proper series is finished. Hopefully George and I will both live to see it.

But if you want to read this latest anyway make sure you have this lovely interactive map handy . A veritable labor of love !


The last weeks there have been the usual crazy remarks from president Trump such as “the disastrous fires in California were the fault of the Liberals there and they will not get federal support, that judges were biased because they were not chosen during his own administration and he wants to change that, that global warming does not exist because an exceptional cold winter is forecast for some part of the States.” Talking about stupid. On top of that he has found it in his heart to condone the torture and murder of a Saudi journalist in the Saudi embassy in Turkey. He his making so much money being friends with the Saudi’s that he does not want to risk upsetting them by holding them accountable. He said it him self!.
See this movie and cry. The man is a psychopath or he is in the first stages of dementia.

No news on the writing front as I have not written one word for my book. Have been doing an amazing lot of research though. Now can be part of the strategic planners of a war as I know lots of ways to win them. Though some old Chinese guy said the best won war was one that was never fought.
Herbal lore and giving birth in the olden days was interesting and gruesome at the same time. In those days surgeons were seen as the lowest of the low of the medical fraternity. When praying, bloodletting and lots of weird concoctions did not work, the butcher was called in to open the offensive area up and see if the patient could be cured. Most of the time the patient died. Hence the reputation of surgeons. While now they are the elite of the hospital. Thanks to all those amazing fly on the theater wall series we all know what miracles and feats of endurance play out there.
As I have been the recipient of some of those miracles I have a lot of respect for these people who have been responsible for me living a longer and better life.

After receiving our yearly energy bill and some more news how climate is changing and nature is going crazy we have decided to get solar power! For hot water as well as for all our electrical needs. We are very excited and the fantasist part of me is also happy we will become more prepped for the post apocalypse. Probably read to many books about it. What with these panels, our wood pile and me learning all about growing vegetables in my little garden I feel like one of those preppers you sometimes hear about.

Climate Change Contingency House
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