Should have written this blog on the 2nd of this month to be able to do the lovely 02-02-2020 or at least on the 20thth.
Missed opportunities but anyway it has been an eventful few weeks.
First in case it catches up with me: There is a pandemic breaking out caused by the Corona virus and to be exact COVID-19. Don’t know where the other 18 are hanging out but this version is lethal mainly for the elderly and infirm.

See above the current status.
First this outbreak was only apparent in China and everyone thought that it being all the way over there it could be contained.
It seems no one has read The Stand by Stephen King and all the following zombie/virus apocalypse books, because quarantine never works.
So now it is slowly but surely conquering the world.
When it started you could see important looking Professors virology telling the common people not to worry as it would never reach…fill in your country.
Now you see the same professors slightly pale around the gills talking about what to do when you have been infected.
Governments, asked what they have invested to counter this threat, ooh and ah and end up telling everyone to wash their hands and stay at home.
Let’s ask the Chinese how did that work out for them, eh?
As I am in the goal group of this virus I hope it will pass me by but just in case, as I am our home financial director in other words I know about all our paperwork, I have been training my husband what to do when I am gone. Was about time too.

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As for a happier note. A few more strands of the story to be knotted and then I will have finished my first draft of Harbour City:London.
Above you can see some images of places the MCs have travelled. Click on || if you get dizzy.

The story had a few additions because the map I made with Inkarnate gave me some inspiration for a few detours of the journey.
Lovely tool, but a big distraction when you want to get on with the story.
When I saw the WIP was becoming too big for a first novel, I took about 7 of the last planned chapters to use in the second book of this duology.
Hope the new ending will satisfy everyone.

Right a short one this time.
Planning to do some more memoirs, the infamous Snippets in 1968SC as my next writing effort.
Am I afraid to finish the book?
The editing will be epic and scary.

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