No this is not the Post Apocalypse with people fleeing the zombies. As everywhere in Europe, the poor and dispossessed are on the move looking for a better future, about 7000 of them. Europe has taken in more than 1.5 million over the past 5 years being much smaller and more densily populated than the United States. And what is Trumps’answer ? Send over 5000 soldiers heavily armed to the border to do what….? Shoot at women and children? Never having been without anything in his life he does not seem to understand that when you have nothing to lose but your life and you see your family go hungry a person would do anything to make things better. I would. I am very worried what will happen when these people reach the American border and try to do the same as they did crossing the Mexican one.. Where is the United Nations?

Is there anything more cute than a baby Oerang oetang? But they and 60% of other wild animals have died over the past 20 years. And do we try everything to stop this happening? No every country seems to roll back legislation to stop the killing of these beautiful animals. China and South America being the main culprits.
Should we think that their time is up like it was for the dinosaurs? But they were around for about 150 million years and extinguished by a natural disaster.
We have been around for about 200.000 years and have managed to wipe out other living creatures over just a few decennia. And a lot of them were other humans. The latter is not such a problem as there a too many of us anyway. Reducing the world human by half would solve most of our problems. Nature is doing its utmost with ever extremer weather but that is going too slow. Our birth rate is 3 times bigger than our death rate! And that with all the current conflicts. No we need some virus that either makes us all suddenly sterile or which kills at least half of us. Or else we might try to use our big brains to provide this ever larger population with food and clean water. It is possible reading about arcologies  and growing plants on refuse in large multi tiered towers and other such great inventions.
I hope I live to see it, but I am not holding my breath. 

Read Paolo Bagalucci if you want to know what is very likely to happen in the not so far future. A brilliant writer, who makes me despair ever to write anything as good.

I have been having fun drawing maps of my world to make it easier to imagine where everyone is or is travelling to. A great advice I got from on of the pro’s at the Matera Writers thingy.
All my preschool excitement came back to me coloring and drawing the pictures. 

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