Today my first book Harbour Cities Midland has been published via a Dutch website BraveNewBooks, Amazon and IngramSparks.
The first one is now showing my book on Kobo without the cover picture.
The second went ok, but my first reader saw that I left an edit label at a chapter title, so I had to remedy that. Probably too late for the first and only 2 buyers. I consoled them with the fact that those editions will be very valuable when I have become famous.
The third publishing site was very complicated to get your book on correctly. Their pricelist had to be filled in separately for every country. On Amazon, you only had to fill in the US price and it was converted to all the other currencies.

Things like author pages were fun to do and made it all look very real. Even when it sinks without a trace, I feel happy to have finally achieved a lifelong goal.
I wish my dad could see it. We always shared our love for reading.

Now it will be time for some marketing. I have already shared with Twitter, Reddit, Linked In, WhatsApp friends and Facebook.
I am planning to send some info to the local papers and will ask the local bookstore to show some examples.
I will print more posters of my Midland map as a companion to the book.

I will have a little rest and then go straight for the sequel Harbour Cities Perris, which will be the final book in the series and mainly situated on the Continent. At least that is the plan.

It has been a good ride.

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