This month I am supposed to write for Nanowrimo on the sequel to my book Harbour Cities Midland.
It has been good to kickstart the project but does not give me time to think about what I will be writing. Not sure if I will last the course. At least it got me going ad more aware to at least nearly every day write something. Every little bit helps to move the story along.

Having had to go through 8 edit rounds with a huge one after the editor looked at it, I will this time edit before each new bit, do a total edit at the end and then first have it looked at by a proper editor. I hope I can get the same one as last time.

I look better at my structure. Beginning, middle and end for each section, each chapter and the whole thing. The point of view will be much improved from the start. I will keep one person per chapter and use not more than 4 major ones and maybe 2 intermissions with another person.

I’ve made a map already, which I find a huge help in keeping track of everyone on their journey.

I plan to make a loose timeline for the whole book. Pantsing is not my thing.
This is my graph. As you can see I am already slacking. Still like my average of 1205 words a day until now. The more I write, the longer the re-reading and editing take.

One of the best features of Scrivener is the overview. I write in Word, to use Grammarly and then copy it all to Scrivener who can tell me which words I am overusing and if the main characters get enough space in the story. I use colour labels for that.
The Characters descriptions and Places are great too. I load them up with pictures that have inspired me.

Labels for characters


Last week my books, printed by a personally chosen company, arrived, and they are beautiful. The quality, especially the cover, is to die for.
I ordered 20 to start with. The price was less than Amazon and Ingram Spark ask for it and they were of great help- with the formatting.

You can find them on Ridero.com .You won’t be disappointed.

For my first book I used one of the editors from The writing company and the editor they appointed to me went above and beyond to give me advice on the whole wip. The communication with them is easy and prompt.

It is starting to sound like a commercial block in between programs, but I thought other debut writers might like to read about my experiences and take advantage of the information.

On the ordinary life front, there were quite a bit of social events, not the east going to a concert by 10CC. We had a fabulous time, hearing the new songs but quite a few of the old hits as well. The oldies were in good form as were we.
It was great after nearly 2 years to go to a life event again. Listening to the news this little window of opportunity to live normally will soon be closed. Heavens know why. Most people have been vaccinated.
It seems to be becoming a control thing for the governments. And a good item to take the attention of the populace away from unsavoury practices of the politicians. But what is new?
Right, back to the real writing.

Autumn is well on its way. Leaves have fallen and it is getting quite a bit colder. I am on layer 4, with my clothes.

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