Best wishes for the coming year to everyone.

I have a good feeling about 2022

While writing my book, I always get the most inspiration for other projects.
I might start those while I am in Scrivener anyway.
I am translating book 1 in Dutch in the hope I can interest a publisher.
After a drought of words, the story has begun to unravel again.

The new Covid19 is called Omicron. Highly infectious but less lethal, like every following variant will be and was.


Mainstream Media is still pushing the Fear button to get more people willing to enrich Big Pharma and more obedient to their government.

Two years ago, we were up in arms by the idea that other people could see our medical information. I know I worked in the business for decades. Now, every spotty teenager at the entrance of a restaurant or other public venue will see your private info such as DOB, address, etc., and know your vaccination status.
Some deluded countries even want to see this information when you want to enter a shopping mall or supermarket.
Italy has made vaccination mandatory now. I wonder how that is going to play out. Will the police or the army hold you down while some amateur injectionist jabs you with a vaccine that is still not stopping anyone from getting the virus? They now try to convince the people the new variant makes them less sick because of the vaccines. We all know the life cycle of a virus is to become ever more contagious and less lethal.
Of course, life is much easier for a government when the citizens are under complete control. We have been prepared by the wave of digital applications one has to use to manage one’s money, get information or communicate with the government and the utility companies.
Relentless push of mobiles, ever more sophisticated, so no one will have an excuse not to partake in a digital society.
Ever dumber productions on the television and in the cinema haven’t done much for the number of working brain cells amongst the population.
When I read 1984 or much later saw North Korean people all waving their little flags and clapping for their leader like tiny robots, while most of their countrymen live in poverty, I could never understand how people had let it come so far.
I thought I was safe living in a developed country with liberal ideas about the right to decide how to live.
I was naive.
At the drop of a hat, governments will take away their citizens’ rights to go where they want and often to do what they like, showing society they have the power to bring people who own businesses to their knees.
Naturally, the large Holding companies and other Big Businesses are doing better than ever before.
People are being depersonalised by making them wear masks wherever they go. The worst are the children. They used to spare them, but now they have to wear a mask from 5 years upwards. I find that very hard to swallow,

If we look at the numbers:
Until now, 330 million positive tested people worldwide, of which about 40% was a false positive, which is probably evened out by all the millions that were never tested when they had the virus.
5.4 million deaths out of a population of 7800 million. Again, the people who died of underlying illness or old age will be evened out by the many deaths in countries with no proper registration system for the poor.
The Spanish flu killed more than 50 million people out of 1600 million worldwide, maybe even as many as 100 million. Registration in those days was not what it is now. So as far as lethality goes, COVID19 is only an upstart.
The main difference is that people in the olden days were used to death happening to people.
Now we all want eternal life. Especially the Western world, where they save your life, even if it is not a very healthy one in the first place.
In current times
17.9 million die of Cardiovascular disease each year. Do we lock up everyone with an unhealthy lifestyle or forbid them to buy fatty foods or smoke?
422 million Diabetes sufferers per year, 1,5 million deaths. Do we stop them from eating food that will raise their blood sugar?
Cancer is 9.5 million each year! But in the hospitals, these people had to move aside for COVID19 patients and often died prematurely.

I know it gets boring, but what I am trying to say is to sit down and think for a moment. Did you panic two years ago when somebody near you had a cold? Did you wear a mask all Autumn, Winter and Spring just in case you caught something from someone? I am not talking to the Japanese.
Did you tell every man and his dog how many vaccinations you have had in your life? Or sprinkle your personal information around for anyone to see and store?
Could you go to a cinema, event, park etc. whenever you feel like It?
Did your children have to worry that they would kill Granny if they visited her? Could they run, scream and play to their heart’s content?
Could young adults meet up, fall in love, fall out of love and do silly things? Could students have a super time in University?

Did you know that many governments have now coupled your banking data to your tax data and your health data? Free access for these institutions to make free with your personal data.

People say, yes but Google knows everything about me. Yes, they do, but you are with 246 million others, and that is far too many to target individually. Plus, they don’t make the laws of your country.

All I can say is that I am ever more perplexed about the willingness of most people to hand over their autonomy to governments that have proven to be untrustworthy and who don’t have their best interests at heart.
May the gods protect you because you sure are not doing it yourself.

Even in 1892, there were doubters. Until now I only had 1. I hope to keep it that way until August.

Books read in 2021
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How did my website do:

From the visitors, about 1/3 were hackers, I see, unless my fame has reached the Far East in countries like China and Indonesia.

My bounce rate is 72% which is not good. It means people don’t stay long enough to have a snoop around.
So on your next visit, try a few of the stories or see what my book is about.

As I stay at home most of the time, there is not much news to tell since last November.
Xmas was good with visits from sons and brothers.
The weather was generally crap—Grey, grey and grey. I am starting to wonder if the sun has left us for good.
But the days have been lengthening since the end of December, and I can’t wait for Spring to come back, so I can moan about all the insects that want to sting me.

For the foreseeable future, I will be working on my projects. You can find me on Twitter, where I am a far too frequent visitor.

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