Today, even the government of Belgie allows us to go about without masks and not have to show our medical credentials at the checkpoints in every public space. Not that I am in any way fooled.
Behind the scenes, in the halls of power of the WEF, there has been a decision that the whole world(read developed countries, where the rich can become even richer)will have to carry digital passes within or on their bodies to identify themselves health and otherwise.
Not that they want to have those 2.8 billion who are outside their digital grasp stay that way.
One of the Program subjects is Accelerate digital inclusion.
Not make sure those 2,8 billion have access to clean water, food, medical care.
Not stopping the rich countries from abusing the people by using them as slave labourers in their factories.
It does not stop the wealthy countries from ripping out their natural resources and destroying the environment and their livelihood.
Looking at the agenda without some inside knowledge, it seems the WEF members are all saintly non-profit heroes set on saving the Earth and its people.
Looking a tiny bit closer, following the trails of money and power, they are backed and influenced by the richest 5 % of our world who apparently never get enough of becoming more so.
The ten richest men in the world have seen their global wealth double to $1.5tn (£1.01tn) since the start of the global pandemic following a surge in share and property prices that has widened the gap between rich and poor, according to a report from Oxfam. Urging governments to impose a one-off 99% wealth tax on Covid-19 windfall gains, the charity said World Bank figures showed 163 million more people had been driven below the poverty line. At the same time, the super-rich benefited from the stimulus provided by governments around the world to mitigate the impact of the virus. Oxfam projects that by 2030, 3.3 billion people will be living on less than $5.50 per day.”

In May, this will never be touched upon when the Wealthy and the Powerful have their little gettogether in Davos. Nowhere to be found in their Official Agenda.
There will be an item about how to pay even fewer taxes or get away with even more fraud in the official one.

Item in the middle: In 2020, sustainable finance surged despite unpredictable markets shaken by the COVID-19 crisis. The value of sustainability-themed investment products – such as sustainable funds, green bonds, social bonds and mixed sustainability bonds – increased by 80%, reaching $3.2 trillion.
In other words, rename your bonds to make them look and don’t forget to use the word sustainability.
But: International private investment in infrastructure has gone down by 54% in developing countries, highlighting the pressing need to scale investment facilitation efforts.
I may be stupid, but if the money to invest in sustainability and society has gone up 80%, but it is not reaching the goals it is supposed to be spent on, where does it go?

Here’s another one: The Platform for Shaping the Future of Trade and Investment works to modernize international rules, national policies and business processes to deliver more sustainable investment and trade flows globally in a rules-based system for the benefit of all.
They forgot to add — us investors.
After all the rules they have removed to make it easier to eliminate paying tax for the rich practically, they now have their beady eyes on countries where the governments are not under such scrutiny as they are in the Western world.

Last October, journalists worldwide worked together to find out who was making use of the known tax havens. And beware, these are the ones that work openly. It is the tip of the iceberg.

They called their work “The Pandora Paper”. as a follow up on “The Panama Papers. It sounds like a thriller or Bond movie. But it is real.
The sad thing is that the attention span of the common citizen is as long as that of a gnat, so not many will take the time to read these documents.
https://www.icij.org/investigations/pandora-papers/about-pandora-papers-leak-dataset/ On this website, you can find them. Among the many world leaders and others, you will find quite a few in the country momentarily in the news.
Take into account that there were no mentions of American companies or politicians. They actually represent 20% of Beneficiaries. Why? They have so many loopholes in their system that the rich nearly don’t need to exploit tax havens as they live in one.

Using GRATs and moving part of their companies with all their licenses to a cheap tax country, letting the US-based company then pay vast amounts of money for the intellectual property, so they show nearly no profit, so pay very little tax a good trick too.
There are many more. Don’t be fooled by the lily-white colour of the map below.

Let me stop now, as the world has been like this for as long as I can remember and centuries before that.
The only difference is that it is now so glaringly obvious. A digital world works the other way as well.

Like in Fawlty Towers, I am not going to mention the War. 1 of many making the world a disaster for millions of people.

Many don’t get the media’s attention at all as they are economically or politically not important to the West.
Still, people (82.4 million displaced from their homes) die or flee to roam the rest of the world as mainly unwanted persons.

My writing is going too slow. I am being distracted by daily life and two other projects.
Translating my first book into Dutch and Setting up a biography of a Hungarian Wrestler, the father of good friends of mine. He had a fascinating life.
The research for the background Hungary 1934 until 1957 and England 1057 until the ’80s is taking up quite some time.
But I think one person’s life has to be put against the history of his times.
By the way, Hungary has a very interesting past. Of course, I had to read back to 800 plus years when it was founded.
It was a Kingdom, but between 1918 and 1947, a Kingdom without a King.
The language is totally different from the other Indo European languages. It is connected to these languages.


As the weather improves, paint jobs around the house beckon.
I must write as I will attend Cymera in Edinburg again in June, and by then, half of my sequel needs to be finished.
This time I will not feel like such a newbie and hope to meet some of my favourite writers in the flesh and actually have the courage to speak to them.
Even though I have my first book under my belt, I hope to attend many workshops again.
I am very excited, especially it will be my first trip alone for more than two years.
I found a new Air B&B place. Alas, the great one from last time was booked.
Always an adventure to try a new one.
Revisiting Edinburgh will be a bonus.

And to keep me sane I made another map with Inkarnate software.
The capital city of the Colonies, Aruk. A haven for refugees in Harbour Cities Perris.

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