Harbour Cities I – Midland

The choices we make define our lives. 1034 AE (After Exodus)

On a sunny day in April, an unnamed young man watches a beautiful girl dive into the sea. She has sneaked out for an illicit trip to the beach below the mighty towers of Harrington House. This visit sets off a whole train of events, leaving her far from home and damaged beyond repair.

On her flight through Midland, she finds new friends. One is a young man who will sacrifice everything because he feels responsible for her predicament. The other is a wise ex-warrior monk who guides them through this cruel land.

While being persecuted by Midland’s vicious ruler, they travel through the Badlands, cross the Dark Towers and find help in Sinatown
Arriving at their final destination, difficult choices have to be made.

Harbour Cities Perris

Chapter 1

The wind pulled at her hair and made her wrap her scarf more tightly around her. The last time she had been on a ship was when she returned home nearly one year ago. She had known it would be heart-rending with her parents not there but had hoped being back on her beloved Island would make it easier. It had turned out worse than she expected.